I cannot recommend the Glasnevin Academy of Music highly enough. My daughter started attending originally for vocal lessons and then we signed her up to learn guitar, both acoustic and electric. She absolutely loves going to her music lessons and, thanks to her amazing teacher, Darren, has taken to guitar like a duck to water. She’ll sit in the car identifying the chords of songs we’re listening to and can play any of them perfectly after only hearing a few bars. Again, this is thanks to Darren who is always upbeat and excited to teach, and whose patience and encouragement has not only helped her excel in guitar, but has also helped boost her overall self-confidence. That relaxed friendliness and eagerness to encourage, as well as a willingness to bend over backwards to help can be seen in everyone there, from Sonya at the front desk to the teachers, all of whom deserve equally high praise, and help make Glasnevin Academy of Music the perfect place for anyone and everyone to learn music.

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