Junior Music Classes

Our Junior Music Class (JMC) is a group class designed for children aged 3-6 year old. This course introduces music concepts at a per-instrumental level. The class will stimulate the child’s growth through an introduction of rhythm, instruments, sound and movement. This will be done through a routine of fun activities in a structured way. Each class is composed of listening activities, movement exercises, musical appreciation and expression.

There are a lot of benefits to exposing a child to music at a young age. Research has shown that exposing young kids to musical instruments can have positive effects on their cognitive development.

This course is an ideal preparation for younger students who have shown an interest in music and plan to learn an instrument. Students will be introduced to keyboards, ukulele, percussion and vocals.

Each class is designed to stimulate the child’s growth and understanding of musical concepts. The junior music courses provides a fun introduction to music while learning various instruments. Exposure to the different instruments will allow the student to have a better idea of what instrument they would like to learn.

Our teachers create a fun and educational environment where kids get creative while having a blast!