Junior/Leaving Cert Prep

Junior and Leaving Certificate Preparation in Music is available in three different options.

Option 1- Performance Preparation

If the student is looking for guidance on the performance aspect, then we offer private tuition for half an hour once a week. This course will help the student prepare and perfect appropriate pieces and specifically focus on the playing and performance section for the Junior or Leaving Certificate exam.

Option 2- Theory Preparation

If the student is looking for extra help in the theory aspect of the certificate then we offer group theory classes. They are one hour once a week. This course will cover the theoretical aspects that need to be addressed in the written examination.

Option 3- Music as an External Subject

This option is for the student who is not taking music in school, but would still like to take music for their junior or leaving certificate. This course is designed to prepare the student in all aspects of the exam, performance and theoretical. Private tuition is available for this course and is offered for half an hour or an hour once a week depending on the time frame and requirements of the student.