Our School teaches acoustic, electric, Bass and classical guitar. Lessons are offered in group classes, private tuition and semi-private groups.

Guitar Group Classes Guitar classes are taught in a social, fun and entertaining environment. Students are grouped by similar age and skill level. Classes are 45 minutes once a week and run for 10 lessons a term. Classes are designed to encourage social interaction and education in a fun atmosphere. The most important thing is for the student to enjoy themselves. While learning to play the guitar is fun, a certain amount of practice is required to ensure the students are getting the most out of the lessons and are keeping up with the progression of the group.

Semi-Private Guitar Groups If you are in a band, or would like to learn with your family or friends, semi- private groups are available (2 to 3 students) These lessons are half an hour once a week for 10 lessons a term.

Private Guitar Lessons Guitar is offered in a one to one setting. Private tuition is for the student who has specific goals in mind or who prefer individual attention. Private tuition is offered for half an hour once a week for 10 lessons a term.

Students will learn to play songs from many genres such as Rock and Roll, Blues, folk and Jazz. Students will learn from the relevant syllabus from the Registry of Guitar Tutors certified by the London College of Music and if inclined have the option to sit guitar examinations. Preparing for exams will help the student develop all aspects of their playing in a structured way. It provides motivation to increase their knowledge of techniques and music theory.

Students are required to own the instrument to bring to the lesson and to practice at home. Call the office for more information on the appropriate size and type of guitar needed for the student.